△191013// NF5:We're falling together.

Name Change R-18=*

Sweet Revenge/Dream/DMC3/

[Main Story]
1:Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.
2:Hotel Splendid
3:The Catcher in the Rye
4:Devil in a Blue Dress
5:Nocturnal Animals *
6:It's Only the End of World
7:Only God Forgives
8:My Strawberry Night *
9:Knockin' on Heaven's Door
10:A Quiet Passion *

ex1:Killing Me Softly / DMC1の後

[Side Story]
Warm Bodies * / Main9後/微グロ
Sunset Strip * / 3D
Tender Is the Night * / 1(A)D

[Short Series] 単発設定ものです
No19.Riva:5V 文字書きワードパレットより

↓Not Dream m/m R-18=*

Kingsman / hartwin

お気に召すまま / 鍵のかかる部屋 * / 百年の孤独 / わたしを離さないで

D:BH / hankcon

春の心臓 / 美男子と煙草 / わるい花 / Cの昇天 *

- ナノ -