main story


prologue1 【girl meets boy】
prologue2 【Feeling In The Ventricle】

Highthvalm Episode1【The view where we had were not changed】
Highthvalm Episode2【courage to advance】
Highthvalm Episode3【There are no days that not dawn】
Highthvalm Episode4【Can you hear my voices?】

Baor Episode1【Let's go somewhere else.】
Baor Episode2【The only greatness for a man is love someone】
Baor Episode3【You break my heart】
Baor Episode4【Twilight】
Baor Episode5【Isn't breakfast ready yet?】
Baor Episode6【I feel good today.】

Flish Episode1【jolly good fellow】
Flish Episode2【Once in a blue moon】
Flish Episode3【Sneak attack】
Flish Episode4【No one told me the truth】
Flish Episode5【seek the earth for dearest】
Flish Episode6【A remnant of him/her】
Flish Episode7【Crusader's secret.】
Flish Episode8【And it's the least I can do,】
Flish Episode9【Incompatible with your love】
Flish Episode10【You were always there...】

Mahen Episode1【Don't ever stop, right to the top】
Mahen Episode2【Fate】
Mahen Episode3【Inheritance】
Mahen Episode4【It is time】
Mahen Episode5【the whisper of leaves in the breeze】

Re Highthvalm Episode1【Tears fell】
Re Highthvalm Episode2【It's just a game】
Re Highthvalm Episode3【It is the calm before the storm】
Re Highthvalm Episode4【Our journey's end】

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